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Call for nominations for directors

Nominations are called to fill vacancies on the board of Northern Settlement Services Limited (NSS). Mosaic Multicultural Connections is our registered business name for our new brand.

An election of nominated members as board directors will take place at the Annual General Meeting of members to be held on 23 November 2022.

As a member of NSS, you are entitled to be nominated as a candidate for the role of director, or to nominate or second another member.

You do not have to nominate a candidate, or consent to be nominated. Nomination is not compulsory.

Candidates must be suitably qualified and be prepared to make the appropriate commitments of time and attention to the governance of Northern Settlement Services Limited.

Please contact John Pattey (senior administration officer) or Andrew Tuck (executive officer) on 02 4969 3399 if you would like a list of current members, or if you have any other queries.

Download the Nomimation Form here.